Perlman, Itzhak

The Perlman Sound

25 Sep 2015

Barcode: 0825646070985

Other participants: Martha Argerich · Bruno Canino · Daniel Barenboim · Plácido Domingo · André Previn · Lawrence Foster · Carlo Maria Giulini · Israel Zohar · Eugene Ormandy · Bernard Haitink · Samuel Sanders · Pinchas Zukerman · Jean Martinon · Jim Hall

No one could deny that Itzhak Perlman holds a special place in the world of music - and no one could define it more eloquently than his old friend and colleague, the pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim: "It is quite impossible to imagine today's violin heritage without the absolute musical genius of Perlman." The most obvious manifestation of that genius is the famous Perlman Sound - lustrous, warm and generous, its impact compounded by often astounding virtuosity; and yet Perlman makes it all look so easy. In fact, he communicates a positive joy in his playing.

Released for Mr Perlman's 70th birthday, this lavish collector's vinyl edition makes an ideal gift.